A First Look at the iPhone 4 White

The release of the Apple iPhone 4 White is edging ever nearer. The new colour finish adds a further touch of style to what is already a great looking handset. Throw into the equation the impressive feature and you have what is a close to a perfect mobile phone as you could hope for.


One of the standout features of the new iPhone 4 White is its excellent quality display. Given that this is essentially the part of the phone that is used all of the time, Apple have chose wisely in making it as good as technology will allow them. A massive 400% rise in quality is achieved over the iPhone 3GS with the handset displaying an image higher than what your own eye can actually detect.


IPHONE4This is where the name “Retina” display was spawned, and its great quality is thanks to a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels and a superb contrast ratio of 800:1. The screen is the same 3.5″ size that is found on previous models and incorporates In Plane Switching technology (IPS) which further enhances colour reproduction in addition to increasing viewing angles. Overall the new handset is fairly similar in size to the 3GS,, with a couple of millimetres lost here and there and also a slight rise in weight by just 2 grammes. The 9.3mm depth is as slim as any phone you can currently buy thanks to the antenna no longer being located internally. Not only does this help achieve the tiny dimensions, but the metallic strip that now acts as the antenna gives the phone a touch of class with regards to the look.

A modern mobile phone is only really as good as the connectivity that its iphone4offers. Regardless of features, if you can’t access your e mails or browse the web then its pretty pointless. The iPhone 4 White thankfully offers a great range of connectivity options. GSM, EDGE and 3G are incorporated, ultimately meaning you can always stay in touch whilst on the move. Thanks to this, you can be kept instantly up to date with your inbox thanks to push notifications on e mails and other applications such as Facebook. The handset also supports WiFi in the fastest speed available. This offers the best online experience from home or work. And with the number of publicly accessible WiFi networks available continually increasing, this method of connection looks destined to become even more popular. In order to use the new “FaceTime” method of video calling that is featured on this phone, WiFi is required by both users, as is an iPhone 4. The result are superb though with great picture and sound quality.

Upon it release very soon, the much sought after iPhone 4 White looks set to become hugely popular thanks in part to its different look, but mainly due to the great features that it hosts.

Windows Phone 7 – A Favourite Smart Phone among the Customers

Nowadays, the talk of the town is most probably Microsoft Windows phone 7, which is amazing piece of technology. The windows phone 7 series is manufactured by HTC, Samsung, LG, and Dell. Their productions like HTC HD7 (T mobile), HTC Mozart (T mobile), HTC 7 Pro (Sprint), HTC Surround (AT&T), Samsung Omnia, Samsung Focus (AT&T), Dell Venue Pro (T mobile), LG Quantum (AT&T), LG Optimus 7 (Sprint) making a boom in the smart phone market. The HTC windows phone 7 product is popular due to its easy organization for example music applications in the music hub, photo applications in the photo hub, and favorites on the home screen.

windows phone 7

The HTC windows phone 7 comes with 5 MP camera, 4.3” touch-screen, storage capacity up to 16 GB along with HT video recording capacity, and nice apps like Photo Enhancer and Notes. The HTC Mozart (T mobile) has excellent built quality and impressive specs. It has 3.7” touch-screen, storage capacity of 8GB, camera of 8 MP with Xenon flash featuring excellent pictorial quality with worth-exploring apps. Apart from this, the popular windows phone 7 in UK like Omnia 7 by Samsung has excellent loudspeaker, which never distorts sound. It has 5 MP camera, AMOLED screen with high contrast, which excels than the other LCD offerings. The remarkable features of this phone are excellent layout and build quality.

The LG Quantum and LG Optimus 7 are the masterpieces of windows phone 7 series that offer both QWERTY keypad and 3.5” touch-screen including resolution of 480 x 800 in pixels. The 5 MP camera boasts of high quality pictures. Assuring a good connectivity, the phone gives storage capacity of 8 GB. Overall, being a pocket-friendly phone with remarkable features and affordable price of windows phone 7 has made them a favourite among the customers.

Watch the video of Window Phone 7


The Galaxy range of smartphones has consistently been a bestseller for Brand Samsung and so it is no surprise that the company continues to launch new models with better features and sleeker looks on a regular basis. The latest addition to the Galaxy family comes in the form of Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist which is expected to take the market by success thanks to lots of advanced specifications and features that have been packed into a sturdier body. The cost of the phone may be a bit on the pricier side but considering the improvements that have been carried out on the device, customers are sure to get more than their money’s worth!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Black


Design of Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist

The design of the Galaxy S4 Black Mist happens to be the most impressive out of all the smartphones manufactured by Samsung till date. The screen measures an impressive 5 inches and despite its large size, the device is quite comfortable to hold owing to its light weight. The Galaxy S4 Black Mist boasts of a 1920 X 1080p Super AMOLED screen which offers crisp and crystal clear viewing to users.


Camera Quality and Memory Capacity
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist comes equipped with a 13 megapixel rear view camera which enables users to shoot 1080p Full HD videos. The integrated flash feature ensures that the quality of the images is the best possible in every scenario. The phone features a 2 megapixel front-facing camera which is also capable of capturing 1080p Full HD video recording at 30 fps. The new Dual Shot ability allows users to use both the cameras simultaneously.

Windows Phone 7

Advanced Processor and Connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist is packed with a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor which ensures that the phone can handle heavy-duty tasks with relative ease. No longer do users need to worry about lag even when they are carrying out heavy-duty tasks on their phone.When it comes to connectivity Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist has every application needed for improved connectivity options. EDGE, Bluetooth, GPRS all offer enhanced connectivity.


Highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist

• One of the most prominent highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist is its larger size that features a stunning Full HD screen measuring 5 inches
• The phone comes packed with a large variety of features which are sure to improve the usability of the device
• The quad-core processor is powerful enough to deal with a multitude of high performance tasks with ease.
• The design and build of the phone is both sturdy yet sleek while being lightweight.
• Adequate amounts of storage space for applications, games, videos, music.
• Latest 4.3 version of Android ensures that the phone supports different programs and is completely updated.


Samsung has made several additions and tweaks to the formula that made the Galaxy line so popular among smartphone users in the first place. A truly worthy successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3, the S4 Black Mist is sure to be another hit for the South Korean electronics giant.

The Samsung Galaxy W is relatively light and pocket friendly

For all those people who loved the Samsung Galaxy S 2 but resisted buying it because it was way too expensive, read ahead… Samsung has introduced yet another smart phone in the market that bears most of the advantages of the Galaxy S II and is more affordable – Samsung Galaxy W. To this effect, Samsung has given this model the simple S-LCD screen instead of the super-AMOLED screen to justify the lower cost. Nevertheless, this Android-powered smart phone is sleek and worth its price.



Powerful Android

software Decently priced phone

Run-of-the mill design

Poor screen resolution

Samsung Galaxy W i8150

Power Packed Processor

The Samsung Galaxy W is relatively light and pocket-friendly weighing just 110 g, thanks to its all-plastic body. In other ways, the Samsung Galaxy W looks more like the other models in the Galaxy universe. It sports a 3.7 inch S-LCD capacitive touchscreen that is good enough to produce legible texts, sharp images and nice viewing angles. The only disadvantage is the poor resolution of 480×800 making it difficult to use outdoors.

Nokia C3

It has seven home screens that can be drizzled with a number of favourite widgets and can be resized by dragging the corner. This ensures more screen flexibility wherein the most-used widgets can be expanded to show more info while the less frequently used can be made smaller, thus saving space. Coming to its memory, the Samsung Galaxy W has an internal memory storage of 512 MB RAM and a microSD card slot expandable up to 32GB. Now you can store unlimited contacts.

The phone also boasts a 5 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash, which you will find on the back of the phone. Though it may not be as good as the ones you see in the other Galaxy models, you will not regret it. You will be able to capture some good shots and videos.

Power Packed Processor

samsung galaxy w i8150

The Samsung Galaxy W runs on a 1.4 GHz Scorpion processor that gives you good performance. Also, the latest Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread livens up your experience by providing access to hundreds of applications from the Android market. You can also enjoy the fun of the live home widgets and Flash. Its TouchWiz 4.0 interface let you play around with the menus as well as customise parts of the interface to suit your taste. Other standard features include stereo FM radio, image and video editor, document editor and MP3 and MP4 player. Multiple data connectivity across EDGE, GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi and bluetooth lets you cruise through your data and HD movies at good speed. Summing up, with the kind of features and functional efficacy it provides, the Samsung Galaxy W is certainly up for grabs… that too at a such an affordable price!

The Innovative Creation of Nokia: Nokia C3

In this fast paced life mobile industry is the only industry which is growing very rapidly. Due to the increasing demands of mobile phones all major brand are earning profits. But what about the users? Do these brands are capable of providing the good quality of mobile phone in exchange of high price. This is not true for all the brands but yes, Nokia is the name known for its best quality and reliability. So providing more options to users, after, N and E series, Nokia C series is the most demanding and the latest among other handsets.

Nokia C3

Nokia C3 is a great solution for those who prefer to use more internets at phone rather on desktops. Being one of the highest performing and advanced technology phone, Nokia C3 Contract phone is highly efficient handset in-terms of internet connectivity. Ideal for using all social networking sites like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, this gadget brings you closer to your near and dear ones and other online communities with fast internet connectivity. So when you are using this phone then there is no chance to miss any of important chat with your friends as this always stay you tuned.

Moving towards other features, Nokia C3 Deals comes with a full QWERTY keyboard along with a display screen of 2.4 inches. Displaying more than 256K colours with320x240 pixel resolution, you can easily perform all types of functions at a wide display. Running on the most famous Symbian operating system, this mobile phone comes with the in-built memory of 55MB along with the expansion pack of 8 GB. Doing a job of a personal information manager, the Nokia C3 Contract Deals comes with the application like detailed contact information, calendar, To-do list, recorder, calculator, converter, clock and notes.Nokia C3

Being available in three colours, slate grey, hot pink and golden white, all these vibrant colours makes it more appealing. Talking about its multimedia features, the mobile device is well-equipped with a 2 mega pixel camera along with 4x Digital zoom. This enables the user to click the pictures during a trip or at some special moment. Adding more to this, it completes with stereo FM radio and a music player for listening all types of favourate tracks. While selecting a deal, you can also choose from the Nokia C3 with free gifts deal as you can get a gift by paying only for the handset. With this you can get an IPod, IPad, LCD, laptop, digital cameras, game consoles etc. with the mobile phone.

Stunning featured mobile phone that has already stepped into market is none other than the Samsung Galaxy S 2. Its demand is increasing day by day due to power packed novel features. Equipped super AMOLED 4.3 inches screen which spread millions of colours at high resolution. The ultimate gadget has 2.3 Android operating system which make phone work fast. Additional screen features included to the phone are accelerometer sensor and scratch resistant features etc.


Nokia C3

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 Android smart phones with a new screen, dual-core processor come built in with two camera. The front camera is of 2 mega pixel whilst the rear camera is of 8.0 mega pixel that permits widget owners to click beautiful amazing photographs and video footages of high quality. Video call capability in the phone shorted the distance between your near and dear ones. One of the most thrilling features boasted to the phone is the fun and entertainment feature like FM radio with RDS technology to switch both regional and national radio station, inbuilt and downloadable games and audio and video music player. Other heart winning features well equipped to the phone are web browsing features such as EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth etc.

Other mindblowing features included to the phone are organiser, phonebook, voice memo and more.


1- Powerful Android 2.3 Gingerbread software.

2- Brighter Screen and less reflective than other Galaxy S.

Guide to Find Best Mobile Phones from Kenya’s Online Store

There so many Kenyan phones out there from different brands and every user is feeling confused on which mobile phone in Kenya is the best. Customers cannot figure out which is which can look good in them this year 2016! Many manufacturers are known to launch their mobile phones in Kenya more so at the beginning of the year. So this midyear is the best period for Kenyans to go out there and choose from their best manufacturer as far as Kenyan phone industry is concerned.

Rumors spread like fire, and every rumor has some truth in it. This is to say, even if a phone has not landed in Kenya, Kenyans already know about it coming to the phone market soon. As we talk now, the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 has already landed, and some stores in Nairobi have a program of a pre-order to their regular customers. Imagine even those that are still held up at the manufacturer like HTC 10 and Huawei P9 are already known down to their specifications. This is the spirit with Kenyan phone lovers today. One thing that excites Kenyan phone users to day is the fact that these new cell phones come with a good offer more often when they launched for the first time in Kenya. Kenyans love free things! They can wait for that discounted phone even if it means several decades.

However much the manufacturer tries to con things to give us a confusing device, we all find a reason to why you should buy this and not that! We try to narrow choices to our level best and make you make good choices this mid-year of 2016. Another thing is that we know that Kenya mobile phone users prefer either the large sized phone while others just need a pocket-sized cell phone for their daily use. That we know, and we keep it mind all day long when we are doing our main reviews. Our reviews don’t go much into details, but the information we offer will automatically help the cell phone users in Kenya today. Without wasting time, let’s get down here and get a well-detailed review of 10 best phones in Kenya today:

My Mobile Phones List

Talk of outdoing themselves, Apple mobile did the unexpected with this mobile phone of the year Apple iPhone 6s. It is an “s” upgrade coming up with super specs and within no time entering the Kenyan phone market with a bang. There are more improvements with this cell phone including the 3D touch display with outer layers to give you a multitouch interaction. The camera too is available with a good upgrade to offer super sparkling images powered up with an A9 chip. It’s a gadget to have this 2016 in the Kenya phone industry.

The outside part of this mobile phone is just the same with its successor, so there is no much difference except the weight. Additionally, the phone has a plastic strip and a camera sensor to polish it up with a breathtaking design and specs. The most amazing difference is only the color since this mobile phone comes up with rose gold color. Other Kenyan phones are just the same no change. Other cell phones may be disappointed after this phone landed in the market but after a while, it’s time for relief and everything can sell out again.

Nexus 6P

After the massive sell out of their old design cell phone, Google had a hard time to come up with another mind-blowing gadget. Phones in Kenya are in a competition that only the best survives. Because of this, this company decided to bring on board the Nexus 6P, which is termed as the Big G one of the phones that Google is happy of. They believe it’s the best phone in Kenya that they have manufactured so far and got good reviews from their users or customers.

Days are gone that we felt Google were just testing the waters just for the sake of popularity, but of late, things are going on a fine day after surprising Kenyan with new mobile phones in the market. It’s a mobile phone of the year just check it out yourself.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

sony xperia z5

When this cell phone came on board into Kenyan mobile phone market, its competitor was the iPhone 5s. However, this mobile phone came and took over the market and different users were happy again after a long dominance from companies like Samsung and Apple. Kenyan cell phone lovers believe that there is no other mobile phone out there good that is below 5 inches screen size. This phone does not compromise when it comes to performance since it comes with Snapdragon 810 system chip and a 23 mega-pixel for breathtaking images for all of your memories.

It’s a gadget to own this year since most Kenya phones have been compromised regarding quality and most look not genuine. Additionally, Sony designs are to die for, and they fit well to a human grip of the hand.

BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv

Blackberry features are hard to find in other Android phones in Kenya. They are just different with fantastic responsiveness. Take an example with their QWERTY keyboards; they just super with amazing slides that go in and out to give a great design that no other mobile phone in Kenya can offer. There is no much different between it and touch screens that Android phones are boasting of. Even other Kenyan phones that are selling very high cannot come close to its specifications. If you ask for the keyboard, it there, if you want a touchscreen, it’s still there waiting for you. What else would you ask about this smartphone? Get out there and consider having this mobile phone in Kenya.

Asus Zenfone 2

Asus Zenfone

These are the kind of mobile phones that are little known to us but doing well in the international market. Unlike other cell phones in Kenya, Asus Zenfone 2 beats many other cell phones in terms specs and also the price. There is a huge margin between this phone and other self-proclaimed Smartphone out there in the Kenyan phone industry.  There is an enough memory for all your storage going up to 64GB, and its price is half that of iPhone and Samsung. In regard to Kenyan phones, do your math well even regarding the speed. No Kenyan cell phone that can beat this elephant in the room. Talk of 13MP camera for all your images whether alone or with your workmates. People around you are going to love this phone to the fullest.

Apple iPhone SE

iphone SE

As the word says in the streets, Apple phone are not for everyone in Kenya. It’s for the wealthy and self-driven individuals with great names in the government. Is that so? Forgive me if you feel offended but that the super truth just swallows it! Oh, I forgot, kids for the rich also floss with this kind of iPhones. At the moment, this iPhone SE is one of the best phones in Kenya currently. You can get this cell phone with slightly lower price than other big elephant phones out there.

The reason for this majorly comes from its performance backed up with a super 12MP camera capturing 4K videos are not forgetting its capabilities to capture live photos. Its battery surpasses the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s and this is a good thing to Kenya mobile phone users. It’s small yes, but just knows you will have an amazing mobile phone in your hands.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

galaxy note

One thing I cannot do is to forget this amazing brand Samsung. How can I surely? I have used it for years and even before I talk about this particular phone, mobile phones in Kenya can be taking us for a ride at times. How can they degrade this kind of phone? They are irresistible in every way. Talk of the slim body and the different colors that come with this phone. They are just super and amazing in every way. One thing that we can find to than Samsung with, it’s the fact that they have been able to finish the plastic covers and bad-looking designs that have limited then in the race of branding. However, the looks are not much a worry, mobile phones in Kenya are known to have good looks outside but have slow responsiveness internally. Take proper caution though! Samsung has the best Android, super battery life, Amoiled displays, and great colors. Never compare, take the lead!

End of Story

Those being said go out there and make good choices on the best mobile phones in Kenya today or soonest possible. It may be challenging but never give up when you are in a fix of choosing am a super phone versus a waste of your hard earned cash. Everything counts ladies and gentlemen, and so every coin counts unless you are born at the palace! It’s easy to have all the specs you can admire, but it’s not easy to get the quality you can live within 6 months or so. This means the choice you make today can hunt you in days to come. You ask me how? Well, a day may come when that phone starts warming up life the burning bush or a command click lasting for more than a minute when having an argument with your loved ones. Do not regret when its already late.








Slim, Sleek and Gorgeous Handset by Nokia: Nokia 6700 Silver

Nokia is a leading brand name known for its best quality and durability. With the good reputation among mobile users, this mobile giant is the most demanding brand. And in this progress, it is introducing more and more new handsets in the market. This time Nokia has come up with an enigmatic handset, named Nokia 6700 Silver. Being launched in the most astonishing silver colour, this beautiful handset is also available in six stunning colors: pink, aluminum, red, lime, petrol-blue and purple.

nokia 6700 silver o2

Designed specially to meet the needs of the mobile users, Nokia 6700 Silver contract phone is a budget level 3G phone with all new elite look. Available in the sleek design in a slim body, this phone is affordable as well as eye-catching. So this phone is ideal for those users, who are in the need of a hi-tech mobile phone with in their budget. Drawing attention of the users, Nokia 6700 Silver Deals is packed with all high-end features. Starting from its everlasting battery, the phone comes with an extremely powerful Li-ion battery which can provide 300 hours of talk time at 2G and 250 hours in 3G. Along with these, it can play music continuously for 29 hours.

There is a lot to say about this extraordinary mobile gadget. Moving towards its other features, the Nokia 6700 Silver boast an attractive 2.2 inches screen, displaying picture at a size of 240 by 320 pixels, which makes more easy and comfortable to watch videos and to do other texting. Becoming the United Kingdom’s most popular 3G slide phone, this impressive handset is not less than a mini-computer in your pocket. Adding to its multimedia features, the phonies equipped with a 5 mega pixel camera with auto focus, dual LED flash and Carl Zeiss lens. With all these you can easily capture the special moments of your life and can easily share it with your friends and family.

Available with all major networks, Nokia 6700 Silver Contract Deals enable super-fast downloads using 3G and HSDPA High Speed Data with speeds of up to 10Mbps. Along with these; it has a wealth of Internet Social Networking Applications like Facebook, Friendster, Flickr, VOX, Twitter, Hi5, YouTube, MySpace etc. Not just only this Nokia 6700 Silver with free gifts is also a nice option to be used at the time of purchasing. With this you can easily get gifts like LCD, laptops, game consoles, iPods, iPads, digital camera etc. So the time has come to catch the best deal at affordable rates.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover is Wrap Up with Several Incredible Features

Samsung Galaxy Xcover is Wrap Up with Several Incredible Features In the series of latest gadgets, there were various handsets which are hi-tech in-terms of technology and other features but lack the feature of water and scratch resistant. Samsung made the effort and has come with its all new addition in its Galaxy series. With the addition of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover, the brand has launched its all new IP67 certified, water proof, dust and shock resistant mobile handset. The device is designed with the technology in which it can resistant water up to 1 meter for more than 30 minutes.
Samsung Galaxy Xcover
Samsung Galaxy Xcover Cheap Contract Phones

Running on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, Samsung Galaxy Xcover is wrap up with several incredible features. Boasting a display of 3.65 inch scratch resistant tempered touchscreen, it is tension free device. As per its camera need, it is well-equipped with 3.2 megapixel camera with LED Flash and auto focus to capture all special moments of your life. Being a new generation mobile phone, it is well-integrated with all social networking sites for a pleasant experience. Connectivity is marvelous, as it is a 3G supported device, along with this it comes with 3G HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA up to 5.76 Mbps network and also with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and USB 2.0. Storage wise, it has an internal memory of 150 MB which can expand up to 32GB with a microSD card.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2

Full key Features and Specification of Samsung Galaxy Xcover

General info
Device type: Smart phone
Network Technology:
GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900
UMTS: 900, 2100
Physical Size: 3.65 inches
Touch Screen: Yes (Capacitive)
Smart Phone: Yes
OS: Android (2.3)
Resolution: 3.2 megapixels
Video capture: Yes
Music Player: Yes
Video Playback: Yes
YouTube player: Yes
Internet browsing
Internet Browsing: Yes
Supports: HTML
Built-in online: Facebook
GPS Navigation: Yes
Slot Type: microSD, microSDHC
Maximum card size: 32 GB
3G: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
USB: Yes Type: microUSB
Version: USB 2.0
Features: Geo-tagging
SMS: Yes
E-mail: Yes (IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Microsoft Exchange)

Watch Samsung Galaxy Xcover Video

Samsung has yet gain set out to thrill its customers, now with its latest i9000 Galaxy S. It is a successful combination of Android 2.1 operating system and ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor. It comes with a big 4 inch super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 800*400 pixels capable of displaying 16 million colours. Weighing 118g, the phone does feel light. You can purchase it for £450 SIM-free on get it free on a £30 a month pay as you go contract.



  • Feather-light and less expensive
  • 4 inch capacitive touchscreen
  • Unique Swype for faster typing
  • Delay in loading of applications
  • Poor battery life
  • Camera inefficient sans flash or LED photo light


Where To Buy Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

  • Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Cheap Contract
  • Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Mobile Phones Deals

Light and robust

The i9000 Galaxy S, weighing just 118 g, looks chic in a meticulously draped black plastic case. Despite its large 4 inch screen, it feels light and easy to carry around. Super AMOLED screens are known for its reflectivity making it almost impossible to view in bright sunlight. However, i9000 Galaxy S offsets this issue making the screen viewable even in bright sunlight.

Ultimate browsing experience

The phone takes immense pride in its connectivity. HSUPA connectivity promises speedy browsing. It offers an 8GB or 16GB internal memory as well as a 32GM microSD card for additional storage. This is ample space for you to store your photos or videos to benefit from its large screen. The i9000 Galaxy S sports a cool 5 megapixel camera for all your picture capturing needs. Pictures appear crisp and sharp on the huge screen. You will also enjoy its swift surfing abilities on the 1GHZ processor providing you with seamless menu transitions.

Application support

Samsung humbly depends on Android for its software features. This brings to the table a number of in-built features as well as those apps that you can download from the Android market. One of its interesting applications is the Swype. This alternative keyboard lets you write faster simply by running your fingers over the letters.


Widgets – not of much use


You can install as many widgets you would require to fill seven home screens. They will help you easily access apps as well as provide you with updates from social networking sites. The device also integrates your contacts from Facebook and twitter with the phone’s address book.

Summing up, the i9000 Galaxy S is an impressive phone designed to give you the ultimate smart phone experience.

Watch the video of Samsung I9000 Galaxy S